Rediscovering the Polaroid Land Camera 1000

I bought this little gem, the Polaroid Land Camera 1000 from ebay about five years ago, I didn't know or care if it worked, if it was a dud I loved just looking at it.

Polaroid stopped production of their film in 2008, instantly making Polaroid film hella expensive and extremely elusive. Eventually, a start up business called The Impossible Project (now known as Polaroid Originals) began manufacturing their own film for Polaroid camera enthusiasts.

polaroid- land-camera-100009.jpg

I got myself some of their film and shot the pack off within a few days. I shot both inside and outside and to be honest got off to a rubbish start. Most of my pictures came out like the one below or not at all. Either the camera rollers weren't pushing the chemicals through the film correctly or there was an issue with the films chemicals themselves with it being one of the early batches of film from the Impossible Project.

polaroid- land-camera-100001.jpg

So I shrugged my shoulders and put my lovely looking Land Camera on the shelf to look at for all eternity. Fast forward five years and for some reason, this week I decided it was time to get him off the shelf and try once more. I'd heard that the film from the newly named Polaroid Originals had improved from their early production, so I ordered a pack of SX-70. At £17 a pack for just 8 shots its an expensive way to photograph, but for a one off re-trial I decided it was worth it. Following a few Youtube videos, I cleaned the rollers, something I never knew to do the first time round and loaded the film.

I grabbed my best friend, Emma and we headed off to Sneinton Market in Nottingham, a place full of colour and creativity. I'm ecstatically happy to say the film worked, the camera worked and I am one happy bunny.

I LOVE instant film, I love its imperfections, I love being able to hold something in your hand instantly instead of on a screen. Everyone loves a Polaroid, its like holding a little piece of treasure.

Anyone else tried the new Polaroid Originals?