Ey up m’duck

I'm Clare (without an i) a tall, slightly ginger, creative photographer. (And that’s my husband, Craig). I’m originally from down South, but now my home is in Nottingham where I went to University. I love this quirky little city with its proud Left Lion, Annie’s taste sensation Burgers and amazing creative community. You’ll often find me getting lost exploring the city’s many charity and vintage shops, hunting for treasure.

I’m always up for an adventure, love a countryside ramble and dream of some day owning a fireplace and a dog - so much so that I’ll often try to steal a sneaky stroke every time a dog passes me in the street.


My love for creating photographs began at college. I always thought I’d go on to study illustration, but I walked into a dark room for the first time and was instantly hooked. The real importance of photographs has been with me for most of my life. Since childhood, photos have been the most precious items and I’ve learned to embrace the camera, capture the moments and hold them close.

Our digital age has taken over and as a photographer that’s fab for me – but also it saddens me, photos are rarely held, only looked at on screen. To me photographs are such a tactile item and can tell the most wonderful stories.

Do you like a photo? Does it make you smile? Good. Print it. Put it up, carry it around with you, stick it on your fridge and let it make you smile EVERY. GOD. DAMN. DAY.

Because smiling is important and so is your story.