2019 Goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I hope you’re all feeling raring to go back to work? No? I feel you. Every year I make the same resolutions and pretty self indulgent ones too when I look back at them. The obvious one being ‘get fit’ EVERY YEAR.

This year I’m going to mix it up a little, keeping it nice and simple with only 3 - somethings that will not only do me a little good but maybe the world a little good too. I’m keeping these resolutions less about work, because I have enough goals for work to be getting on with!

So lets get stuck in...


1) Read more
I read ONE book in 2018, one! How appalling is that? I read a chick flick when I was ill. Which is a far cry from the teenage me who used to fall head over heels for hours on end into a good book and stay up reading into the early hours of the morning. 

Some of the books I’m putting on my to-read list:
- 'The Multi-Hyphen Method' by Emma Gannon.
- ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee
- ‘The Universe of us’ by Lang Leav
- ‘The $100 Start Up’ by Chris Guillebeau
- ‘A Life in Pictures’ by Steve McCurry

2) Be more eco-friendly
I’ve made an effort to be more eco-conscious the past few months, I want to continue my efforts and be more consistent with just a few of these ideas to carry and on add in:

- Use less plastic - I've already switched to shampoo and shower gel bars, but I want to keep finding new ways to reduce the amount of single use plastic in my life.

- Always carry reusable bags - I try to as much as possible, but so often I forget ending up in buying yet another plastic bag. Here's an adorable bag I bought from Firain to help me keep this resolution! 

- Buy more clothes from eBay/charity shops - I don’t buy many clothes in general really, but I want to start looking on eBay or in local charity shops before I buy new.

- Eat less meat - 10 years ago, I used to be a vegetarian, so actually this will be a relatively easy goal for me, but not for Mr C - we cook and eat together most dinners.


 3) Give Blood

I have never given blood. I’ve looked at dong it so many times - but ‘never got round to it’.  This is the year to change that, despite being a little scary it has the potential to change and save lives.

So there we have it, what are your resolutions? Are there any books you can recommend to add to my list?

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