Personal Branding - Nicole from Orgill Originals


This week I sent off a lovely set of personal branding images to Nicole from Orgill Originals.

Nicole makes gorgeous leather bags by hand and wanted her photos to showcase the work & story behind her completed pieces. It’s always great to see the face behind a small business, it helps customers feel more connected. When I looked on Nicole’s instagram, she had posted one of the shots from our shoot, there were countless comments saying how nice it was to see her on her feed.

Since taking her small business full time, she’s created a fantastic workspace in her home, knocking down a wall in her bedroom to create the perfect space for her business - now that’s dedication! Nicole’s workspace is so cleverly organised for her small business, every tool has its own place - Marie Kondo would definitely be proud!

Personal branding shoots can be a little nerve wracking, but we had so much fun capturing these photos together. I got to learn so much about her craft and what goes into the item she makes. Each piece is cut, sewn and finished by hand, they truly are a work of art.

I loved seeing the first ever backpack Nicole made, it still looks absolutely gorgeous & is truly timeless.

“I already LOVE them! The ones where I'm laughing make me laugh again but they're really natural and a great reminder of how much I enjoyed the day. You have really captured my room, work and processes so beautifully”

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